Golden advice learn in life

This answer is from Quora. Anwesha Das answer about her golden advice which she learns from life.

  1. Clap and congratulate your opponent when you lose.
  2. Don't fall for the guy just for his good looks.
  3. Whenever you have free time become busy.
  4. Write down your feelings instead of sharing with someone.
  5. The human Body isn't made to sit idle.
  6. Smile through the pain.
  7. Whenever you start to overthink eat something or do 20 squats.
  8. Don't be nice to everyone, learn to say no.
  9. If you are hungry drink some water and wait for some time. If you are still hungry get something to eat.
  10. Cut your hair if you are busy and don't get time to maintain it.
  11. Stop listening to sad songs if you are feeling sad.
  12. Maintain a to-do list and try to tick the items. Try to even write the minimal tasks for the day. Best way to stop procrastination.
  13. Sing or Dance your heart out when alone.
  14. Recovery is important. If you feel stressed then sleep or do something recreational before a panic/anxiety attack gets hold of you.
  15. Never compare someone's 2 pm with your 2 am. We are all having our own timezone.
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