What happens when you read a lot of books?


There are many changes in thought process when anyone reads a lot of books.
  • The beggar looks like a human.
  • The reason for theft appears in the thief.
  • It is the difference between love and lust.
  • When someone goes wrong, he has the power to forgive.
  • It knows where to speak and where not to speak.
  • Understand that words are faster than knives and firearms.
  • Parents start to realize the cost.
  • Breakup, divorce, death of a close person…. The misconception that these things are all gone is gone. These things seem to be just as common.
  • Feeling affection for animals.
  • People who show that smiling face photos are happy on social media understand how sad they are in real life.
  • Artists play / act in film. In real life, it is also understandable that the actors who make the most plays are close to us.
  • In this world, 5% of people are bad people and 3% are bad people .We are all just followers, some are good at imitating good people and some are bad by imitating bad people.
  • It is understandable that with the encouragement a lost person can win.
  • The thought of suicide when lost or disappeared does not come to mind.
  • The millionaire's wealth seems to be the poor as well as the rich earning 1 / - a day.
  • "Education is the milk of the Tigress. After drinking it, no human remains without roaring"
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