How to save more when you have a low salary?


  • No matter how much you spend, the cost increases.
  • Keep the first share of the money earned to save (post account, deposit a certain amount in the bank's second account, buy gold. You can save money in other ways. Save at least 5%..
  • Never buy items on EMI, weekly, on credit, or even if you find one inexpensive.
  • It is affordable to have good quality equipment, so that they can be used for a long time, but not expensive.
  • Do the things you need to do, (LED Bulb to save electricity, reduce the use of Heater except on cold days. Avoid dining in outside hotels, delete the Shopping App,
  • Avoid giving and receiving parties, if not, stop visiting expensive items. Stop lending,
  • If we buy something to make us happy, then it does not disappear. The reason for this is that you plan to enjoy yourself and not give up (talk to a partner when there is time, help with the work, try to spend time with the partner.
  • Find other ways to earn and not save every time, work more in less time,
  • Keep a record of the expenses incurred, so you can see how much is spent every month without any reason
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