Do you agree with Shashi Tharoor's statement that "if the English had not come, then the Marathas ruled over India ".


Many states would have been created, not just one state of the Marathas. Due to this reason, after the death of Sambhaji Raja, Santaji Ghorpade had occupied the Mughals for six years.

But unfortunately Rajaram Maharaj had already started the inheritance.

Aurangzeb died in the year 6.

The Mughals then rescued the Shahus in order to initiate brotherhood in the Marathi state and sowed the seeds of this succession in their heads. As a result, the struggle for succession between Tarabai and Shahu began.

The battle was fought between Tararani and Shahu at Khed Kadus in which Shahu won. All the castles received the shahu. Shahu established Satara as the throne and Maharani Tarabai retreated from Satara and established a separate throne at Kolhapur. After the reconciliation of Varna,

Shahuraj gave consent to the throne of Kolhapur and in the Marathi Empire, two separate mausoleums like Satara and Kolhapur were created.

The boy was arrested by Tarabai who tried to defeat him. Therefore, Santaji Dhanaji, who fought in black, stood in front of each other. Nagoji Mane ended Santajina with a threat.

It is said that Dhanaji Jadhav is involved in this conspiracy. Had the land not been instituted, the Marathas would have ruled India. But if rebellion increased at that time, the danger to self-government would be increased, but there was a need for inheritance to fight on four fronts.

An outside enemy can be caught at one time, but do not want a piercing house. For many different reasons, many Marathi empires would have been created and fought among themselves because the Swarajya baby was growing as a child.
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