Cruel truth in life that people do not talk about.

  • The first cruel truth is that people who tell the truth are called crazy.
  • No matter how good you are, no matter how bad you are in someone's mind.
  • No lively person can be completely happy for 3 hours but there are some people who can be sad for 3 hours.
  • No matter what the battle, the average person has to suffer first. The king himself never fights in the beginning.


  • Almost everyone here is begging. The poor begged the rich, and the rich begged God.
  • Nowadays there is a lot of use of the word virgin. "It doesn't matter if my partner is a virgin or not, being a virgin is a personal question for everyone," said 1% of people who are not virgins themselves.
  • People who lose a lot of time in life become too big in life or commit suicide.
  • To this day, security is just a pretext to pretend, just like democracy.
  • Karma is a terrible thing. If you do bad to someone, your bad will never be.
  • Nature is stronger than man. Nature can do a lot of harm if decided by nature.
  • As a kid, I was reading in the book, "Proud House Down". That will never change the truth.
  • Here everyone is fighting his own battle. People still add to that battle.

  • People say love is only once, it is not. Love can happen anytime.
  • It is good to trust a tiger at one time, but it takes a lot of thought when trusting a human.
  • Though not seen on any TV, India has a severe recession in the current situation. The next two to three years are very difficult for the average person, at least.
  • We can't all do good things, and there is nothing to feel bad about.
  • There is a big difference between happy photos on social media and real-life everyday.
  • The leader can be the one who tells the most bitter lies.
  • No one can change your life except you. But as your life changes, so many people walk around saying that they put their hands on your head.
  • The Hardest Truth - The Writer (myself) and everyone who reads it, no matter how hard we try, no matter how much money we spend, sometimes we will die. (Just wish they weren't dead soon).
  • In a nutshell, the first and last pages of the book of our lives have already been written down. We are the author of all the pages inside. It is in our hands to write a book well or bad.
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