Assam protest against Citizenship Amendment Bill | An anonymous writer write his story on this scenario in his state

This was written by Anonymous writer from Assam.

Being an Assamese, I really want to EDUCATE the people of MAINLAND INDIA about the protest going on in Assam because of CAB.

Whenever I look at the answers of "liberals", I see that they're only confined to Hindu Muslim debate over the bill, whereas the situation and protest is totally of a different context in Assam. These liberals won't go anywhere beyond Hindu Muslim.

If you are thinking that the protest is because of Hindu Muslim, let me tell you, you are wrong.

It's not about Hindu Muslim propaganda spread by the BJP, or inclusion of Hindu, or exclusion of Muslims.

Let me come to the point -

  • Let me assume you are from Tamilnadu. Suppose, there are 10-12 mllion illegal immigrants from another country, say Bangladesh in your state. Just assume!

  • How would you feel, if tomorrow, govt legalizes illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in your state, and you know that now Bengali will be spoken to all over Tamilnadu instead of Tamil, and your language, culture, ethnicity everything is at stake. THE TAMIL PEOPLE WILL BE MINORITY IN THEIR OWN STATE and BENGALI WILL BECOME THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF THE STATE.

  • The sign boards, hoardings will be written in Bengali instead of Tamil, Bengali would be taught in schools but not Tamil at all. Everything will just be Bengali and Bengali.

  • You know, The exact same thing happened in Tripura. Tripuri tribes lived there, Tripuri language was there, but no more. Now, Bengali is their official state language, because of these immigrants who suppressed local people cause they are crores in numbers. Even their CM is also a Bengali whose origin is Bangladesh. The Tripuri tribe who used to ba majority once is nowhere to be seen now. They are suppressed by Bengali people

Now you can see why we are protesting? What is it all about? Cool, let me then enlighten you about the current scenario of Assam which Indian National Media isn't showing.

  1. Curfew has been imposed in Assam and military and paramilitary troops from Kashmir are deployed.
  2. Internet service has been cut off so that people can't communicate with each other and can't post anything on social media.
  3. All schools, educational institutes have been declared closed till 22 December.
  4. The other day, protesters burnt the house of a BJP MLA. BJP supporters are being beaten up. A BJP MLA who was passing by road, had to tell a group of protesters that he is an MLA from Congress and only then he was allowed to move

And many other things, which are not being shown by national media are happening.

I wished to enlighten you because NOBODY in quora is writing what's true.

Joi Aai Axom (long live mother Assam)

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