100+ Psychological facts about love, dreams, brain and daily life

Interesting Psychology facts and tricks

  • Dreams are the conversations between you and your subconscious mind.
  • When talking to yourself, you’re actually making yourself ‘smarter.’
  • Cheaters always tend to think that everyone cheats. Liars tend to think that everyone lies.
  • Feeling ignored is like the same chemical effect as that of an injury.
  • 80% of the time people with bad handwriting are more creative than average.
  • An ant's sense of smell is greater than that of a dog.
  • If any person speaks less, and when they speak it, they speak it fast and straight to the point, they are more liable to keep secrets.   
  • If you are always worried about what other people will think about you or something, you will never be happy.
  • When it’s hot outside, your chances are more to get in a fight.
  • Convincing yourself to sleep is a well trick to your brain into thinking you did.
  • People think it’s you who is the problem, not the situation.
  • Eating an orange has proven to reduce stress. That's why doctors now recommend having an orange before going to work or anywhere.
  • You rarely die in dreams whenever you die in dreams, it indicates that you have started something new in your life.
  • Your favorite song is associated with an emotional event.
  • I’m Fine is also a lie.
  • Pupils dilate when seeing somebody you love. Pupils also dilate when seeing somebody you hate.
  • You achieve your goals if you keep them to yourself.
  • Convincing your brain to sleep it is a good scam to your brain into thinking it really did.
  • People see you 20%-25% more attractive than you think you are, according to a psychological study.
  • Depression will cause to age faster; this is by increasing the aging process in cells.
  • Falling in love is similar to the neurological effects of getting high on drugs like cocaine.
  • Optimistic always tend to believe about the future can protect people from physical and mental illnesses.
  • Psychologically, we ignore those who adore us and we pay more attention to those who ignore us.
  • Depression is a bad result of overthinking.
  • Never ever use your favorite song as your alarm clock. You’ll be hating it.

Psychology facts on Love

Love and happiness are astonishing, closely intertwined.

  • Money spent on experiences will
    always bring great value to you.

  • The longer you hide your feelings
    for a person or anything, the harder you may fall for them.

  • When anyone offered to write with
    a new pen 96% of people write their own name.

  • If a person laughs at very unreliable
    jokes, he/she is alone deep inside.

  • The man or woman who tries to
    keep everyone happy ends up feeling the loneliest.

  • Being able to respond with
    sarcasm to a silly or dumb question is a sign of a healthy brain.

  • People with low knowledge are
    more likely to criticize others.

  • People look more attractive and smart when they speak about the things they are really interested in them.
  • Hiding your thumb in all fingers
    is a sign of nervousness, it is indicated that the person wants to remain
    unnoticed in the group or somewhere.

  • Psychology says that the first
    impression is made in the first 7 seconds.

  • It is proven that our reactions
    to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself.
  • Writing negative thoughts and throw them in trash improves your mood really.

  • 6 positive comments neutralize
    the effect of 1 negative comment.

  • During a group chat or people near you. If somebody has his/her feet turned towards you that means she/he is interested in you.

  • When trying to convince someone for something, make sure he/she is seated and you are standing in front of him/her. This will help you to convince them fast enough.

  • People are more scared of the
    afterlife than they are afraid to die.
  • Pornography addiction was the
    same effect as addiction of drugs like cocaine. Because of six powerful
    chemical compounds and hormones are work before, during and after this act-
    dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, vasopressin, norepinephrine,

  • Psychology says that good
    relationships play an important role in longevity than exercise.

  • Meditation will change the
    brain’s structure in just 8-9 weeks. It also increases grey matter in parts of
    the brain which is associated with learning.

  • The mind will maintain complete
    trust for each person. Once it broke it’s never the same.

  • That moment when anyone randomly
    feels depressed for no good reason may indicate that he/she actually missing

  • Think about one positive thought
    every morning, you can psychologically trick your brain into being a happy

  • The happier you are, the less
    sleep you require to function your body. Sadness increases the urge to sleep

  • When you want to choose between
    two things, flip a coin for head and tail. What you wish while the coin is in
    air, is what you want to choose.

  • More people are generally more
    honest when physically tired. 

  • People who have large signatures
    usually have large self-esteem.

  • People who have small handwriting
    are usually less open to talk.

  • Intelligent people have rough handwriting.

  • People who are easily distracted usually have a high IQ.

  • If you talk to women mostly it can
    improve a man’s mental strength.

  • 10% of the population is left-handed.
  • The one who gave excellent advice usually has the most problems.

  • Eating chocolate will helps to reduce stress.

  • When a person cry, if the first teardrops from the right eye, it’s happiness. If it’s from the left eye, it’s a pain.

  • Over 70% of pretty girls usually end up being single, because most men think they definitely have boyfriends.

These are the Psychology facts about human behavior. 

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